Global Talent Scouting technology gives clubs a competitive advantage to target, report and recruit players faster and more efficiently


Introducing The GTS SmartScout

The GTS SmartScout™ mobile application is fully configurable with a simple to use interface for quick player reporting, expense management and scheduling on the move.


GTS SmartScout Video



  • Increase scout productivity by making tasks easy

  • Standardise player reporting for consistent analysis

  • Report expenses on the move to reduce admin time

  • In-game checkin to track scout activity real-time

  • Communicate securely with scouts on the move

  • Target the right talent with real-time squad view

  • Eradicate manual data entry through automation

  • Save time, reduce costs and speed up recruitment

The GTS Football Digital Package

Scout players whenever & wherever and enjoy unlimited access to the information that matters


The GTS Mission


Our extensive research with heads of recruitment, totalling over 12,000 hours, showed us that club recruitment processes are:    

  • Fragmented

  • Manually intensive

  • Inefficient

  • Reactive.

With GTS you can optimise your scouting processes to identify and track the right players for your club. Accelerate your intake process and access active player profiles with one click.



Revolutionise the game and take football scouting and talent ID to the next level.

Streamline recruitment operations and give the Recruitment Team more time to find, assess and recruit top players for the academy.

Deliver a simple and efficient scouting tool, based on the latest in mobile technology, to standardise and control the end to end recruitment process.

Provide an end-to-end solution, that turns centralised data into information, enabling clubs to make rapid, auditable decisions on which players to invest in.


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